Digital Dish: Cynthia Bailey Talks NeNe’s Wedding and New Season of Real Housewives of ATL


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It seems that you and Peter are also working through things. What’s the secret to staying married?

Cynthia: Well, we got together before we were on the TV show, so we knew each other before. I think there’s no secret. I think the main thing about having longevity in a relationship or having a successful relationship is to be with somebody that you actually have stuff in common with and you want the same things. If you don’t want the same things then it’s just not going to work.

Peter: You have to be like-minded. You have to be able to have a conversation and do the same things.

What can we expect from you two in the new season?

Peter: A lot of disagreement cause we’re not like-minded. Just kidding!

Cynthia: You guys have seen us pretty much at our worst in the first season and we were going through a lot, then things got better. I think last year was the best that you guys saw us. We kind of came full circle. And now, this season things are happening again. Everything is in motion but then there’s a couple of unexpected surprises. One of the things that we struggle with is balancing.  I’m so in to work mode and trying to make sure we’ll never go back to that. I make sure we always have financial security and Peter’s the same way. Now we don’t really have a lot of boo time with each other and that’s frustrating, especially for Peter. He’s always saying “we don’t ever do anything; all we do is work.”

Peter: She’s tired of me. That’s why I have to tag along in situations like this just to spend time with her.

Cynthia: No honey, that is not true. You know we have a plan and what it is. We are going to retire early and buy an island. Buy an island right next to Tyler Perry [laughs].

Peter: We’re going be too old to do anything.

Cynthia: We’ll be old, but we’ll be together.