Digital Dish: Cynthia Bailey Talks NeNe’s Wedding and New Season of Real Housewives of ATL


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Peter, how’s the restaurant? I saw in the previews that there was a little bit of drama.

Peter: I found out through my wife—who saw on the internet—that the property where my restaurant is sitting on was in foreclosure. The guy who I pay my rent to every month decided not to pay the mortgage for a year, so of course it becomes public record. And I didn’t know. I pay my bills every month. It’s still in that process so the bank is trying to take the property back from them so now I have to pay directly to the bank.

Which is probably best anyway.

Peter: Yes, and now I can negotiate with the bank to purchase the property which is a good move cause I’ve been there over three years. It could be a great thing for us if they decide to take the offer being put on the table.

What’s the future for the restaurant?

I’m opening Bar One in Charlotte in around six weeks so it’s going to be Sports one and bar in Charlotte. I’d like to license the name to an urban version of a whiskey bar. We don’t have that. You know, cocktails and conversation for thirty-something, forty- something. It’s like a social thing.  The only problem I have in Atlanta is that I get more than seventy percent of women in my bar.