Digital Dish: Cynthia Bailey Talks NeNe’s Wedding and New Season of Real Housewives of ATL

cynthia bailey's nails

Cynthia, what’s your favorite nail polish color for the fall season?

I stay with the neutrals. OPI has one color “Bubble Bath” and I just kinda stick with it all year round.

Do you have a favorite beauty tip?

In terms of skincare, I live and die for makeup wipes. I have them with me all the time and as soon as I get done working, doing a scene, I need to just wipe my face.

I like Neutrogena, and Oil of Olay. But, I don’t swear by just one specific one—I’ve tried them all to be honest. One of the things people don’t understand or don’t realize is they feel like they wipe their face with a makeup wipe and then it’s totally clean. It’s not! That’s just a temporary routine until you wash it for real. You still have to clean your skin after the makeup wipe because if you go over with some toner, you could see your makeup is still on it. So your skin is not totally clean until you actually clean it after that. That’s just a pre-clean, ok? Also I’m very big on exfoliation. I do daily exfoliation.

Do you have a signature scent?

I like Incanto by Ferragamo. And I also like a lot of the men’s colognes, the cream ones. I get them for Peter and I use them too.

Any makeup tips?

Having nice groomed eyebrows whether you wear makeup or not is key. Even if you’re a no make up girl, I still need you to have your eyebrows put together cause that just frames the face. Keep your brow game tight!