Disturbing Devil Disco Video Is An American Electronic Freak Show

Brooklyn’s Chris Bolanrinho is Devil Disco, a fast-rising producer/DJ. If this video is any indication, Devil Disco is one to watch because he curates some of the most mind-bending productions and videos. His style seeks inspiration from the likes of Gesaffelstein and The Hacker. It’s dark, twisted and freaky. It is a commentary attacking the rigidity of money and power controlling America preventing people to go out and do what they are really passionate about. Devil Disco’s EP is a rebellious attempt to go against the system. Peep it below.

Devil Disco-America EP from DevilDisco(Official) on Vimeo.

This two tracker comprises of everything from hard, mid-tempo stomping drum stabs, to futuristic cosmic-disco synths, eerie white noise build-ups, and hypnotizing acid bass lines.