DJ Spotlight: MitiS Exclusive 30-Minute Mix

Joe Torre aka MitiS is no newbie to the music scene. The Pennsylvania-based producer is also an accomplished pianist, performing in the renown Kimmel Center in Philadelphia and Carnegie Hall in New York City. MitiS’ classical background is apparent in his dreamy compositions with dazzling melodies front-and-center. Having just wrapped up his first headline US tour, VIBE caught up with Joe, who promises an even bigger headlining tour to come this Spring.

MitiS kindly put together this 30-minute VIBE exclusive mix to hold us over until he drops some new original bombs.
Listen, and get to know this under-the-radar artist.

VIBE: You’ve just wrapped up your first headline US tour, “Change Will Come”. How did your sets as the headliner differ from those as a supporting act?
MitiS: I had such amazing support on this tour, so it’s hard to say. I think my set in general is different than alot of “DJ’s”. I always throw in a large amount of melodic tracks, that aren’t just about “drops” and build ups. I want people to really think and feel more during my sets, not just rage out. Don’t get me wrong, I love raging, but that’s not the whole message I want to portray in my set.

What has been the biggest learning experience for you this tour?
My biggest learning experience has been appreciation. Every day is new, and brings a whole chain reaction of what will happen down the road. This tour has taught me to truly appreciate the people and things around me every day, because who knows when I’ll see them/be there again. I’ve met so many amazing people on this tour, was given so many amazing gifts, and was shown so much love each city I went to. It’s so easy to get caught up in the business side of music, and this tour has shown me that I need to bring back what I once had when I started all of this.

When can we expect new music? Any big collabs in the works?
I’m currently working on a whole Drum & Bass EP, along with, what I like to call “Lovestep” EP, which will contain a bunch of my “signature” sound. I do in fact have a few collabs in the works, one of them I can’t say just yet, but am very excited about.

How did you come up with your stage name?
It’s nothing really special, just weird: My buddy James was sleeping on the studio couch while I was making music at 4am. He started telling me “more snare more snare more snare” while sleeping. He woke up and walked over to me and said he had this crazy dream and that my name is MitiS. Just kinda stuck after that.

It’s evident that your dreamy productions are based on your classical studies. What drives you to produce?
Nature is a huge impact in my music, but all in all, my surrounding and mood is everything to me. If the setting isn’t right, my music won’t feel right to me. I’m very emotionally based, so that drives everything I do, not only musically, but as a person, which all cycles back to into my passion – Music.

Any gigs lined up for the winter and/or next year?
We are planning another tour next spring right now, and I already know we have some cities I either haven’t played, or played awhile back like St. Louis, Miami, Phoenix etc.. We’ll be announcing dates within the next few months. I honestly cannot wait!

What are your three must-haves while on tour?
Tons of socks, my computer, and hummus, for sure.