Djemba Djemba And Reddit Uncover Next Flume: Electric Mantis


It’s always great when well known artists support the work of the burgeoning ones, definitely one of the best parts of the electronic dance music community. Take notes aspiring producers; this could happen to you too.

This past week, Mad Decent member, Djemba Djemba simply reposted a sound on his Soundcloud by Portland based producer, Electric Mantis, and it immediately blew up overnight. On Thursday, the track had over 15000 plays compared to a couple of day’s prior when it was barely on anyone’s radar.

Mantis took to Reddit message boards on Thursday night and woke up on Friday morning to find that he had made the front page of Reddit Music. Through the course of the weekend, the track gained over 180,000 plays and his Soundcloud and Facebook following grew by 8 times in three days.

We need to give the Portland music scene more credit like we do to Voodoo Doughnuts. This track is a huge number that will leave you dazed and smiling. ‘Flips & Flops, Drips & Drops’ is a feel good jam with tropical island reggae riddims, melodic cosmic harmonies, frantic staccato flips, and fun infectious vocal stabs. Think mushrooms, beaches, yachts, sunshine and Pinot Grigio when you play this one.

Grab the download here, you too Flume: