Download Dance Music Stars Rising Lets Be Friends Exclusive VIBE Mix

Lets Be Friends is the UK-based electronic music duo that released 12 original productions and remixes over the past year, twice reaching Beatport’s Number One spot. The pair—made up of Jonney and Oren—garnered the most listened to tracks on Soundcloud twice in a row putting them at over a million Soundcloud plays in under a year.

As for their live act, the self-described purveyors of “full flavor behavior” put on adrenaline-fueled live sets, which have captured the attention of fast fans across the pond. With gigs at London Brixton Academy and opening for Knife Party under their belt it’s time to meet your new best Friends.

Plug into Lets Be Friends by downloading VIBE’s exclusive fully charged mix below. Meet your new friendly dance superstars-on-the-rise with our head-to-head chat after the jump.

VIBE: You’ve reached over a million plays on Soundcloud. How did that happen?
Lets Be Friends: Magic! When we started LBF, it was a difficult pill to swallow knowing that a lot of our material might go unheard, so we spend the good part of a year making friends with as many blogs, magazines and music networks as possible. That plays a massive part. We are really so happy to have so much support from the media side of things. It’s really the new MTV 🙂

Describe your sound in THREE words.
Full Flavor Behavior.

You’ve headlined London Brixton Academy, performed with Knife Party- these are massive. What’s your live act like?
I know right? So massive… Its like a scrap book of every exciting thing we have ever heard from childhood up to the moment we walk out the door to the gig. Tons of hit tracks and live mashups… mostly 4×4 but generally touches all strokes of adrenaline driven music.

What artists inspire your music?
Really so many, but artistically: The Prodigy [Flawless Attitude ] & Sonically: Knife Party [Flawless Production].

Who would you like to collab with most in the world?
That’s tough also. But it 100% has to be Serj Tankian [Lead Singer of System Of A Down]. What a voice!

Tell us about the mix we’re premiering. Process in the studio?
The mix contains all our material that was never available for download with most of our material from 2013. We have a few fresh tracks close to finish in the studio, but that’s a WHOLE other interview.