EDM Grit Meets Lady Gaga Glam Band: Cary Nokey

8-Bit (center stage) and DJ ValNtino (left corner)

“My life has been love and distortion.” The words rang out for a select crowd at The Box in NYC on Thursday (November 14).

“I am warm but blurred—a walking bit reduction. I am 8-Bit!”—Rob Fusari, a.k.a. 8-Bit, announced to kick off his Cary Nokey performance.

Rob Fusari is the music producing force that helped build Lady Gaga’s career from 2006 through 2009, giving the pop star her moniker and producing “Paparazzi.” After the supremely successful discovery and development of Gaga, Fusari was at a loss for fresh talent to develop. That’s when he decided to stop searching for it and be the talent.

Enter his altar ego, 8-Bit, who along with DJ ValNtino, make up the dance music meets grunge rock and cabaret glitz group, Cary Nokey. Through distortion of tracks integrated with analog, there’s a warmer, high-fun appeal to the music. Anyone seeking high spectacle will appreciate this act.

Check out Cary Nokey.