Eminem Elaborates On Working With Kendrick Lamar


During his interview with Sway, Em broke down how the collaboration with Kendrick Lamar came about on his newly released MMLP 2 album. He explains how the album was finished and he was deciding which tracks to include when he realized that he had no rap features.

Kendrick came to Detroit and after hanging out, Em knew that K. Dot was a “humble, super cool” person. Being on the same label (Aftermath), it made perfect sense to Marshall. He told Kendrick that he had a record that wasn’t as “rappity rap” as the rest of the album. Also, since the Rick Rubin beat was different from anything else he had heard, Eminem told Kendrick about the song’s concept and they went from there.

“This could be your last verse”, Kendrick said about the record. The young Cali MC said that every rapper is judged by their last piece of work whether it’s a show, an album, or song. He always has that mentality, so when one of the greats called him up, he was ready to put his best foot forward.

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