Eminem On Kendrick Lamar Collaboration: ‘It Only Made Sense’


Eminem gives credit to other MCs for being more lyrically adventurous while sober on his platinum-selling Marshall Mathers LP 2 in part three of his sit-down with Zane Lowe. Here, he chats about going bar-for-bar with Royce Da 5’9” on Bad Meets Evil EP and how his collaboration “Love Game” with Kendrick Lamar came about:

“When it was all said and done, I kinda sat back and said, fuck man, there are no other rappers on here with me and it only made sense. Me and Paul had talked about, maybe we should do an event record and get somebody like Kendrick on it because incredible as Kendrick is, he’s also on the same label, he’s in our camp … He came to the studio in Detroit. I laid a verse and I kinda showed him where it was going. I had other things to play him but … if I have another song with Kendrick that’s just bars, no topic, maybe it’d be cool to have a topic. I said I had an idea for a hook but I think it might be interesting to have you do a hook cause he’s great at melody too. He laid like two different hooks I think. I’m not sure to this day if I wanted him to rap on it because he laid two hooks then he kinda like [said] ‘That’s it?’ So I was like, ‘Yo so you wanna lay a verse?’ I think he looked surprised … I think it took me a couple days to get back to the studio to listen to what he did. I told him he killed it.”

Watch the full interview where he also discusses the soul-baring track “Headlights” above.