Exclusive: Drum And Bass Hero Friction Gives VIBE His Spin


As an architect of prolific drum and bass, Ed Keeley—known commonly by his moniker Friction—is one of the UK’s most exciting. Having begun his prosperous journey to Jungle Hero in Brighton as a promoter and DJ in the ‘90s, today he boasts a veritable rap sheet of accolades. Friction is Shogun Audio’s label owner, presenter of his own drum and bass show on BBC Radio 1 and on tour consistently, dropping fresh ridddum-laced beats across the globe. In addition to his own upcoming releases, jungle enthusiasts are about get a dose of the producer-DJ’s future bass technology on the next installment of Shogun Audio’s award-winning compilation album, Way Of The Warrior on November 10. Friction sat down with VIBE to rap about more releases, new DnB boys to look out for and more.

VIBE: Describe your sound at this moment in three words:
Friction: Energetic, rolling, great.

How does it differ from three years ago?
There’s more to it now. There are more sounds within the music I think, richer sounds.

What is the main thing you look for in artists for Shogun Audio?
The ability to really create a good song. You’ve got to be great at production.

What was the best advice you ever got from another DJ, who was it from?
When doing support slot sets don’t try and blow people’s heads off straight away. You want to try and build the atmosphere of your set. I can’t remember who said it though.

Why is DnB so prolific in England more so than the US?
There aren’t as many big places for DnB to do its thing in the States I don’t think. England has a massive appetite for it. The Americans do love it though.

Who should we look out for this year on Shogun?
Fourward and Joe Ford.

If you had one superhero power what would it be?
It’s an obvious answer but it would have to be flying. If I could fly I could take my vinyl everywhere really easily.

Dream collaboration?
The Prodigy. Easy.

What is your tour/music release plans for 2014?
My schedule’s absolutely constant. I’ll be back out in the States in 2014. “Long Gone Memory” is out November 17 (order here), and my LP will be out next year.