Gabrielle Union Serves Up Mean Girl Talk with Essence


Gabrielle Union’s ascension into the Hollywood elite may seem pretty straight forward, but she’s telling it differently. As Essence’s December covergirl, the Being Mary Jane star speaks candidly about how rejection turned her into a mean girl.

“There’s this intense desire for us all to be chosen by a man, or a job, or chosen for fame, whatever. But when you’re in the public eye and you’re not chosen, the rejection feels public. So to cover the wound, you attack the person who is chosen.”

Fortunately, Gabrielle’s outlook on her life and career changed after working with AJ Johnson and taking better charge of her feelings. In fact, after losing the lead in Jumping the Broom to Paula Patton, the movie’s director Salim Akil recommended her for Being Mary Jane, a role she hopes we can see as more than sexually charged.

“It would be easy to label Mary Jane a freak…but enjoying sex doesn’t make you a ho. I hope [Being Mary Jane] widens the conversation. I hope people will be more forgiving of those who explore their sexuality unapologetically.”

Read the rest of Union’s cover story when it’s released on November 8 and click here to see why we love her so much!