Gentlemen’s Corner: BMX Rider Nigel Sylvester Talks Pet Peeve, Chasing Girls and the Difference Between a Fan and Groupie


Gentlemen's Corner - Nigel Sylvester 2

VIBE Vixen: If you had an online dating profile, what would your bio read?
Nigel Sylvester: (Laughs) If I had a dating online profile, the bio would say I’m a neat freak…

That’s all?
I like to keep everything in order. I don’t like messy girls either. That’s a turn-off. A girl with a messy bedroom is like the worst thing ever. Like I might just get up and walk out [if I saw it].

What are other requirements your ideal woman should have?
She gotta have good conversation. I feel nowadays with social media, cell phones being so dominant, that the art of a good conversation has been lost. I meet people all the time who can’t hold a proper conversation, so a woman with a good conversation is attractive.