Gentlemen’s Corner: BMX Rider Nigel Sylvester Talks Pet Peeve, Chasing Girls and the Difference Between a Fan and Groupie


Gentleman's Corner - Nigel Sylvester 4

Now, in a recent spot for Gatorade, you chased down a chick played by Teyana Taylor throughout all of New York.
Shout out to the homie Teyana Taylor, fellow New York native holding it down. In that commercial, I was riding on my bike, normal New York City stuff and I seen this girl. I was like ‘Wow, let me say what’s up to her.’ We started kickin’ it for a minute, started talkin’ but she had to go and she dropped her paper. Then she got into a cab and left. I realized she dropped her paper, grabbed it and chased the cab down. We did a whole bunch of special, action spots within chasing her down, which doesn’t normally happen on an everyday basis (laughs). But I actually caught up to her, gave her her paper back and she ended up having a boyfriend so I kinda got shot down.

Has that ever happened in real life?
It’s happened to me once or twice before where I’ll be riding my bike around New York City and I see a girl, approach her and ask her to kick it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s weird too because girls see me on their bike and they may not know what it is that I do, so they might think I’m just some kid on a bike (laughs).