Gentlemen’s Corner: BMX Rider Nigel Sylvester Talks Pet Peeve, Chasing Girls and the Difference Between a Fan and Groupie


Gentlemen's Corner - Nigel Sylvester 5

Have you ever used a bike trick to impress a girl?
Nah, that’s the one thing I don’t do. I wouldn’t do a trick to impress a girl that I don’t know because if you don’t land that trick, God forbid you catch a L or something, you’re gonna look really bad so I don’t do that too much. I don’t even really talk about bike-riding with females. Unless they ask, I wouldn’t really bring it up.

Would you consider yourself a momma’s boy or a shy guy?
I got mad love for my mom, of course. I do appreciate women. Shy guy? Nah. (Laughs) I can’t do that. I’m too passionate to be shy.

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