Go Behind-The-Scenes At B.o.B.’s ‘All I Want’ Video Shoot

MTV went behind the scenes of B.o.B’s new video, “All I Want”, from his upcoming album, Underground Luxury, dropping on December 17. He told MTV that people think the song is just about money, but it’s really about “accomplishment” and “growth”.

Accomplishing a growing amount of money, maybe? Take a peek above.

“You can listen to this song and say this song is just about money, this song is materialistic. Why is B.o.B. talking about this?” the Grand Hustle artist said. “And if you listen, it’s deeper than that. This is about accomplishment, it’s about growth, it’s about doing things that you spend your whole life accomplishing. Even if it has nothing necessarily to do about money, it’s a very emotional record.”

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