Graffiti Haven 5 Pointz Repainted White Overnight

What used to be heralded as the graffiti mecca of Queens, New York has now been painted a big block of white. According to the New York Daily News, the art haven known as 5 Pointz received a makeover and was painted white early Tuesday morning (Nov. 19). The “redesign” comes after news that the Davis St. Building holding 5 Pointz together would be demolished next year and be replaced with luxury apartments. The plan was engineered by building owners Jerry Wolkoff and his son David and approved by the City Council, only to be met with much resistance by locals. “I’m grieving right now,” said Marie Flageul, a 5 Pointz spokeswoman. “It was the largest aerosol art center in the world. You can never replace it.” Read the full report here and see Instagram flicks of those saying farewell to the Pointz below.

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