Gucci Mane Suing Waka Flocka Flame And Debra Antney?

It was all good just a couple years ago. Reports have surfaced that Gucci Mane is taking his personal beef with Waka Flocka Flame and Waka’s mom/ Gooch’s former manager Debra Antney to court. According to TMZ, the Trap House rapper is suing the mother-and-son duo for ” fraud, racketeering, and conspiracy,” claiming that they have both been cheating him out of his royalties since he was under Deb’s management in 2006. During his Twitter meltdown in September, Gooch threw shots at Deb, for allegedly stealing from his former protegee OJ Da Juiceman as well. “Ask. Oj. If. Deb. Stole every front end from him for. 3 to 4 years. That’s fucked up. Ask french Montana did I give sugar 60 4 bsm,” he wrote. “Yall. Following. A blind lady. Go get u a, dog or a, flashlight. I bought all dem chains 4 yall. To let a nigga take from yall. Pussy … Tell. Bsm. Ya ma stole 500k from oj. Got my boy trapping at d texaco again.” In the suit, Gucci also says that Antney regularly took more than the usual manager’s cut of 20% and has now been left with no money and more problems with Uncle Sam. In addition, he apparently wants a ring and chain that Waka’s momma jocked from him.

VIBE has reached out to Waka’s rep for comment.