Hip-Hop’s Cult Classic Movie ‘Belly’ Is 15-Years-Old


Tommy and Sincere. Two unforgettable characters played by DMX and Nas in the classic movie Belly. How can er ever forget that opening sequence? Or Tommy’s cocaine-white apartment? What about Method Man as Shameek?

Yesterday was the film’s 15-year anniversary, and we found King Magazine’s an informative Oral History on the movie, which was directed by Hype Williams. Lovers of the film should check out the piece for hidden gems, and newbies can read a bit about how the movie came to be before watching i

Belly, which was released in theaters on November 4, 1998, had its problems. It was over budget, on-set clashes between the director and the producers were routine, the script which wasn’t so strong to begin with”was being cut and fiddled with during filming, and some of the actors were often drunk, high or late. Sometimes all three. Basically, it was an exercise in how not to make a movie. Critics hated Belly. Though it only made $3.45 million on opening weekend, Belly had the second-highest per-screen average in the top 10. It would eventually gross $9.63 million and become a cult classic on DVD. Now, 10 years later, KING investigates the making of a movie that is still remembered, still quoted and (for some reason) still loved.


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