Idris Elba Confirms Conversation About ‘Luke Cage’ With Marvel

Idris Elba’s name is on the radar recently, as he is the latest actor to be linked to, or rumored for a Marvel superhero gig. While on the press run for Thor: The Dark World, Elba, himself, definitely seemed happy to share the news with us all about his heroic ambitions.

Saying he’d “like a stab” at playing Luke Cage, Idris Elba told The Huffington Post his intentions of playing the popular “Hero For Hire”.

While nothing came of it in terms of producing an actual script or vehicle around the character, Marvel has been in talks with Netflix to develop a small screen program for Luke Cage to have his own series. “There was talk about Luke Cage at one time — I thought Luke Cage was a pretty interesting character,” he said. “They were going to do it, but I don’t know what happened.” Elba, unaware of the project, actually confirmed that he got as far as meeting with Marvel before the news came out about their television intentions.

Elba, who plays Heimdall in Thor: The Dark World, is already a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Given that Elba has plenty of television experience, it may not be totally out of the realm of possibility for him to play Luke Cage on the small screen. He’s not the only one interested, but we shall see as more news develops about the Marvel / Netflix partnership.

Props: The Huffington Post