Interview: Shawn Prez Talks Global Spin Awards, DJ Kid Capri And The Future Of The DJ


Now entering into its second year, the Global Spin Awards continues to celebrate the backbone of hip-hop culture by honoring the influential deejays who changed the game. We sat down with founder Shawn Prez for a revolutionary chat.

On November 18, 2013, the collective hip-hop community will converge at the New York Times Center in Manhattan for the 2nd Annual Global Spin Awards. It is on that day, the culture will honor those who have taken their rightful place in influencing this thing we’ve come to know as hip-hop.

As the art form has become a billion dollar industry, GSA founder Shawn Prez has taken it upon himself to ensure that the disc jockeys within the music industry get their comeuppance while they can still appreciate them. Already known as the
“Quality Standard of DJ Recognition” within the music industry, the Global Spin Awards will salute the contributions of Kid Capri (Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree) and DJ Marley Marl (Legendary DJ Award Honoree) during the evening’s festivities.

According to Shawn Prez, who also founded Power Moves Incorporated, he implemented the Global Spin Awards to commemorate, honor and award “DJs who have impacted diverse audiences globally and across genres.” Capri and Marley Marl are undoubtedly two of the premiere lynchpins within the culture. Capri, a Bronx born cut-master, honed his skills starting at 8-years-old and earned his reputation as a “celebrity DJ” at the legendary Studio 54.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bridge in Queens, Marley Marl served as the house producer of the landmark hip-hop collective, The Juice Crew. His sampling and reprogramming of The Honey Drippers “Impeach The President” served as a pivotal moment for hip-hop, as it completely changed the way hip-hop beats were made from thereon.

As we countdown to the acclaimed event, we sat down with Shawn Prez to discuss everything about what he learned from last year that he’ll apply to this year’s event, his thoughts on DJ Kid Capri, how Revolt TV will impact next year’s GSAs and his thoughts on who he’d like to see in a legendary DJ battle.

You can listen to the full chat below:

The 2013 Global Spin Awards will be hosted by MTV’s own Sway Calloway.