Jon Favreau In Talks To Direct Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’

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This move marks the first real family film from the Iron Man director, but can he add a new twist to Rudyard Kipling’s acclaimed work?

Disney is currently in negotiations with Jon Favreau to direct The Jungle Book, a new adaptation of the 1894 novel that is slated as a priority project for the studio.

According to Deadline, Favreau’s relationship with the House of Mouse will put him back into the event film game. Originally, he was attached to direct Magic Kingdom, the epic film where the legendary theme park comes to life, but he’s since shifted focus to the classic jungle picture.

“I can’t say that much, but there is an interesting take that could be very cool, and the hope is to relaunch a family brand with certain mythic elements,” Favreau told Deadline. “It is my first real family film since Elf, and there are action elements and visual effects that I feel like my experience on the Iron Man films are going to be useful.”

Disney has not yet set producers, but you can guess a lot of them are going to be picking up the phone to make calls momentarily.

Props: Deadline