Justin Bieber Caught Leaving Brazilian Brothel With Two Women

Justin Bieber was photographed leaving a Brazilian brothel, reports Page Six.

The maturing teen heartthrob reportedly spent more than three hours inside the Centauros in Rio de Janeiro “before leaving with two women,” according to the NYC tabloid. Cameras captured Bieber and his Selena Gomez angel tattoo exciting the XXX spot with a bed sheet (we hope it was clean) over him. He was shuffled into one car, while two other women from the establishment were escorted into another vehicle that went back to his hotel, Copacabana Palace. While there is no way to confirm whether or not these reports are bogus, the pictures speak for themselves.

Bieber, who split from longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez this summer, is touring the Southern Hemisphere through the end of the year in the lead up to his new music documentary, Believe 3D, out Christmas Day. His travels haven’t come without controversial headlines. The Brazilian brothel photos emerge days after a story of Bieber escapading with a Panamanian prostitute was printed in Panamanian newspaper Cronicas. He also tagged up a wall in Colombia this week and was involved in a scuffle at a South Korean nightclub.