Justin Bieber’s Party Will Cost You $3 Million If You Talk About It

It pays to party with Justin Bieber, literally. The 19-year-old pop sensation recently held a Gatsby-themed bash Friday night (Nov. 19) at his Calabasas home in California and made guests sign a confidentiality agreement. The penalty: a cool $3 million for the person who parties and tells.

According to TMZ, both workers and guests had to ink their secrecy, which included not tweeting, texting or Facebooking any details about the exclusive shindig. It cost nada to enter but the penalty clause was reportedly a discounted rate from the original $5 million stipulation.

The Biebs and his reported 100 invitees, including Snoop Lion, were apparently partying hard since the Sheriff was phoned three times for noise complaints. One even filed a police report against him for disturbing the peace.

This wouldn’t be the first time the “PYD” singer has told his guests to turn up and shut up. Back in May, JB issued a confidentiality agreement for his household parties, threatening to sue for $5 million if anyone said a peep.

Photo Credit: Getty