K. Michelle Victim Of Photoshop


Some days you love the Internet (Netflix!) , some days you hate the Internet (I put what on Instgram last night?) Soul singer K. Michelle is likely hating the Internet right now after a recent wardrobe snafu. The outspoken Love & Hip Hop New York actress and singer became a trending topic on Twitter after a photo of her with an unusually large camel toe surfaced. The photo was taken mid-set during a Rebellious Soul tour stop in Chicago earlier this week. As it spread on the Internet it was met with comments like “Her vagina is singing backup,” reports the YBF. Not very nice if you ask us. K.Michelle quickly responded to her haters in Tweet.

If you dare to take a closer look, K. Michelle’s legs are turned backwards in first shot onstage. Video footage of her performing without her hot pocket fold — sorry, thought that was better than calling it a camel toe — also surfaced, if you care to double check.