Kelis Debuts New Sauce Line ‘Feast’


Kelis has been keeping herself busy these days. Folks have been wondering what Nas’ old flame has been up to, and soon enough we can taste it for ourselves. A few years ago, Kelis graduated from the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and over the weekend introduced her new “Feast” sauce line at the Beverly Hills Food & Wine Festival.

According to the mission statement, Feast wants to celebrate life:

At Feast, we want to celebrate life. And we want to do it daily. The most joyous, the most memorable, the most nostalgic moments in our lives…often times occur during a feast. Weddings, birthdays, reunions, first dates, proposals…festive food is inseparable from our most precious moments. At Feast, we believe that these moments shouldn’t be limited to only once or twice a year. At Feast, every day will be a celebration of life, love and happiness. Every day will truly feel like a special occasion. Every day will be a holiday.

Here’s what her ginger sesame glaze looks like in its packaging: