Lady Gaga Concert Promoter Fined In Russia For ‘Gay Propaganda’


A concert promoter for Lady Gaga’s show in Russia last year has been fined for violating the country’s code of conduct.

A St. Petersburg court hit the show’s organizers, Planeta Plus, with a $614 (20,000 rubles) fee for “propaganda of alcohol consumption and homosexuality,” according to THR.

A local resident wrote a formal complaint, claiming that the Mother Monster’s concert exposed her 13-year-old daughter to an imitation of women having sex and advocated alcohol consumption during the show at St. Petersburg’s SKK, which they both attended last December.

Judge Olga Rositskaya ruled that the promoters had violated a clause in Russia’s administrative code on “protection of children from information that could harm their health and/or development.”

The ruling will allow the complainant to sue Planeta Plus in a criminal court and demand millions of rubles in damages for the “psychic trauma” her daughter suffered during the performance.

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