Laverne Cox: Gender Bender


Photo Credit: Nicholas Nichols

It’s obvious from the car ride here that you are a close knit cast. Was it like that from the beginning?
Yes. It’s a really great vibe on the set and I think it comes from the top. I’ve been on sets before where everyone had attitudes. Jenji isn’t having any of that. She and Lisa, our executive producer, set such a great tone. I’ve never seen a show with this many kinds of real women. This is revolutionary.

Does it make you hopeful for the future as a trans actress?
We knew this was different, because in our industry people only care about size zero white girls and straight white men. But our show’s popularity across the board is crazy. I’ve had all types of people from all walks of life come up to me and love the show, so I truly hope this begins to change the industry.

Was there any hesitation about doing a Netflix series?
I know that the world is changing, and I love Netflix so I didn’t have any hesitation. I was excited Jenji was involved because I love Weeds. It was about being involved in great writing and great directors. Netflix has changing the game in a big and tactful way. They are responding to the way most people are watching television now, so I had absolutely no reservations about it.

What are you watching on TV when you have the time?
I love Scandal. There’s actually a group on Twitter who are fans of OITNB and Scandal that call themselves Orange Gladiators. I live for that! Our fans are incredible, hardcore and amazing. I also live for Breaking Bad, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Fashion Police. I kind of watch a lot [laughs].