Laverne Cox: Gender Bender



Photo Credit:Jasmine L. Gonzalez

What is your personal style?
For me, it’s about being casual and comfortable. When I have an appearance or meeting, I turn up the glamour. But where I’m at now, I’ve been calling it a younger Michelle Obama. I wear a lot of BCBG and Anne Klein for my speaking engagements. Very professional, but add a little sexiness to it with a lot of minis and sheath dresses.

What would Sophia’s style be if she weren’t in prison?
Sofia has evolved. Now she’s a lot like her wife Crystal. She’s a mother so a lot of it’s about being easy and casual, but kind of chic and a little sexy. Comfortable sexy is Sophia in real life.

Speaking of your TV wife, the scenes between you and Tanya Wright are some of the best.
Tanya is a really good actress and every scene I shot with her is some of my favorite moments that I’ve ever had in acting.

Which is your favorite?
The scene with my wife, when she’s dressing me. There was something so magical about how it happened and what Crystal was doing. It was so sure, the love that these two women had for each other. And it was an active orgasm for me because for years I’ve trained to be able to do work that has that many layers of complexity, but it’s really simple at the same time. It was a moment where Crystal lost her husband and I had to realize that I probably won’t ever be the same again.