Laverne Cox: Gender Bender




Photo Credit: Jasmine L. Gonzalez

Who has your transition been the hardest on?
My mom had a weird adjustment period with it. A lot of it was just educating her. It took years to get her to use the right pronouns. Anytime there is surgery and hormones, it freaked her out a bit, but I wouldn’t say it was hard on her or anyone. Before I started the medications and surgical procedures, I didn’t have people in my life that would have a problem. For the people that know me, this wasn’t a weird thing. It wasn’t like this was out of the blue. They always knew who I was. I’m really the same person.

What would you like to see happen to Sophia in Season 2?
I would have Michael, my son, come visit me. I would really try to mend that relationship because she misses her family. At the end of Season 1, Crystal was into her pastor and I gave her permission to date him — I’d be curious to see if Sophia fully lets go of that relationship and finds love in prison.

Are you dating?
I’m not dating just one person. I’m not seeing anyone seriously, so I’m a single lady. When I have time, I go on dates.

What do you look for in a significant other?
I look for a guy who’s really smart, highly intelligent and really articulate. But he also has to make me laugh. I was dating this comic — we’re still sort of seeing each other on and off — and he’s really funny, really brilliant and beautiful. It’s a good combination; he’s just a bit shorter than me. Ideally, the guy has to be a really good person. I want his heart to be sweet, and he can’t be a liar. He has to mean what he says and say what he means, and has to have good follow through.

What is Orange is the New Black?
Orange is the New Black is a revolution.