Lenny Kravitz To Star In ‘Little Rootie Tootie’ With Christopher Walken

Lenny Kravitz will follow-up his role in the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, with the Dan Algrant-directed drama, Little Rootie Tootie.

Beginning at the top of the next year, the popular rock-n-roll star will star alongside Oscar winner Christopher Walken in the tragic feature. In the project, Walken will play a well-known jazz pianist who is mourning the death of his wife.

Kravitz will play his son who returns as the veteran musician tumbles down a manic and destructive conclusion. Along with Kravitz’s fictional wife, the trio will try to work out the eccentricities inherent in being working musicians.

The project will shoot in January in New York City and will be shopped at AFM. Terence Blanchard will also score the film and creating original music. As this project is named after piano great Thelonius Monk’s track, Little Rootie Tootie seems like a film that is worthy of all players involved.

Props: Deadline