Lots of Black Panties On R. Kelly’s ‘Black Panties’ Cover + Tracklist

Although there are songs called “Crazy Sex” and “Marry the P***y” on R. Kelly’s upcoming Black Panties album, the 46-year-old crooner promises it’s not all “nasty.” He leaves just as much to the imagination with the album’s cover art.

Wearing leather pants and a Phantom of the Opera-inspired mask, the Pied Piper clutches a young woman in nothing but black, lace panties like she is a cello on the cover art for Black Panties. You could say he’s playing it safe for the general artwork, but the deluxe cover is a different story. Taking a page out of the American Beauty promotional poster, R. Kelly swims in a see of black panty-clad women for the LP’s deluxe cover.

Flip the page to see what we mean …