Maino Speaks On Trinidad James’ Rant: ‘He Should Apologize’

Maino spoke with E Bro, Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds from Hot 97 about his feelings on the Trinidad James fiasco. He thinks James should apologize to NYC for having the nerve to diss the city while he’s in it, and he doesn’t really see any other way around the conflict.

Yesterday, Trinidad James and Maino got into it on Twitter and things got ugly. Brooklyn’s own said he wants to “tie him to a dentist’s chair” while Trinidad shrugged off the threats. On Hot 97, Maino maintained that while it’s up to the artists to come with quality material for radio to push, it was also simply disrespectful for James to come to New York City and then diss the place. Maino also echoed a concern that many others have had: Who is Trinidad James to make such an inflammatory accusation about Atlanta and New York? With another hit or two and an album, perhaps Trinidad might be taken seriously, but right now, he sounds desperate.

Maino finished by asserting that it wouldn’t matter if Trinidad James got on Hot 97 and apologized because James needs to be “disciplined”. You can guess what kind of discipline Maino has in mind, but hopefully it doesn’t reach that point. Hear the whole phone call below.