Is MaryGold Hip-Hop’s Newest Obsession? 12 Things You Should Know About Curren$y’s Jet Life Signee

When Drake’s epic music video “Worst Behavior” dropped on Monday (Nov. 11), the 10-minute flick went into overtime with a slowed-down, hazy version of Nothing Was The Same’s “From Time.” Only—as most quickly noticed—that wavy-haired woman sitting shotgun wasn’t the song’s guest star and Would You Like A Tour? mate Jhené Aiko. Turns out, the brown-skinned beauty taking a pull of a blunt is MaryGold, a singer from New Orleans who’s been picking up stream via atmospheric tracks and X-rated visuals of her own.

Director X, co-auteur of “Worst Behavior,” told Vice that “she’s a really dope artist that Drake wanted to bring out and put in the video. Drake says she’s dope, so she’s dope.” Curren$y seems to agree, as he’s inked her as the First Lady of his Jet Life Records. “Mary….man, she’s just another level,” said Spitta. “I can’t describe MaryGold to you, I have to show you MaryGold.”

With a cosign and cameo in one of the most anticipated music videos of the year, a spacey new mixtape called Sex Hormone’d Druggie, and her definitely-NSFW video for “Prayer” (see below), we’ve got the feeling that MaryGold will become hip-hop’s next eccentric-yet-sexy lady obsession. Yet before you begin stalking her social media accounts (TW: @lordsteez, IG: @steezlaflare), VIBE brings you a cheat sheet on MaryGold. Get familiar.

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Photo credit: CJ Wallis