More Than 10,000 Feared Dead In Philippines


One of the worst storms ever recorded hit the Philippines on Friday (November 8). As many as 10, 000 are believed to be dead with more expected once emergency crews are able to reach areas cut off by flooding and landslides. Corpses were seen hanging from tree branches and scattered among sidewalks. Haiyan hit the eastern seaboard of the Philippine archipelago and quickly spread across its central islands before exiting into the South China Sea, packing winds of 147 miles per hour that gusted up to 170 mph.

The storm also caused sea waters to rise 20 feet. “All systems, all vestiges of modern living—communications, power, water—all are down,” Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said after visiting Tacloban on Saturday. “There is no way to communicate with the people.”

(via VIBE Vixen)

Photo Credit: Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images