New Music: Justin Bieber ‘Alone’


Justin Bieber may be single and sleeping alone (sort of), but he’s got his fans. While Justin’s Beliebers will never leave him lonely, the Biebs gets chivalrous on his new tune “Alone,” apologizing to a girl for leaving her all by her lonesome self. “Didn’t mean to leave you lonely, girl,” croons Bieber. What a “heartbreaker.”

The track will likely show up somewhere down the road on Bieber’s Music Mondays — his weekly music release in the lead up to the Dec. 25 premiere of his new Believe documentary. For now, “Alone” is available with pre-order tickets for his Believe film via ticket supplier Fandango.

Believe 3D, a followup to his successful 2011 doc Never Say Never, hits theaters this Christmas.