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B Smyth

Name: B Smyth
Twitter: TheRealBSmyth
Instagram: TheRealBSmyth

Age He Wishes To Remain Forever: I want to be 21 for the rest of my life!

Two interesting facts about B Smyth: People don’t realize my struggle or my story as far as me coming up and being from Florida. Also, I’m a little shy. When people come up to me I’m really laid back but on stage that’s when I get my time to do whatever I want.

Dream Collaboration: Marvin Gaye. I would have loved to see what it would be like to be in the studio with Marvin.

B’s sound: [My sound is] it’s own. I know I take inspiration from cats that have been here before me but for the most part I feel like I don’t sound like anyone or trying to sound like anyone. I just let my music speak for itself

What he’s going to bring to the music industry: I want to get people feeling good again. Everybody’s trying to be cool, it’s not what music’s really about. It’s about changing people’s lives. It’s a soundtrack to people’s life. I don’t want to be that dude that’s too cool for everything.

His story: I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. My older brother and I were raised by a single mother. It was rough growing up with one parent. I could always sing but I never took it seriously until I got into high school. I was just trying to figure myself out. I tried singing, I started doing talent shows and stuff like that and my peers they gravitated to me and gave me a good response. From there I took it to YouTube and tried to build my buzz on the internet and now I’m signed to Def Jam Motown records. For the most part it’s been changes for the better because I’m in a position to help my family and help the people that I love.

Fans he wants: I want everybody to support me. Anybody that supports what I’m doing, I want to make music for everybody.

Listeners to take away from his music: Something that will inspire them. I feel like I’m a voice for my generation. I feel like a lot of people look up to me because of things I overcome or situations I came from. Just people around that saw me come up from pretty much nothing to this.

Relationship status: Single

On women: I love ladies. I wouldn’t call myself a ladies man, but I love women. I’m focused on me and what I’m doing right now. As far as relationships, I just like to go with the flow, if it feels right or makes sense then it can happen.

Turn On: I’m from the south so we like thick girls who can cook.

Turn Off: Bad breathe and nasty attitudes.

Surreal moment Thus far: Doing a cover with Miguel and Trey Songz. I opened up for Trey on his Chapter 5 tour. That was a surreal moment because that was the first show that I did and to be in front of that amount of people. I was just singing their songs a year ago, that was a surreal moment.

On Track “Gucci”:  This song is about being in a relationship with someone and you were giving a certain amount of your time and energy and they took that for granted. Once they took that for granted you moved on and once you moved on they realized what they had and they’re trying to come back to you. I feel like everybody can relate to that song.

Legacy He Wants to Leave Behind: I want people to remember that I stand for positivity and inspiration. I just want to be a guideline and blueprint for anybody that has a dream or anyone that doesn’t settle for less.

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