One Direction Member Saves Calvin Harris Miley Cyrus’ Birthday


We were shocked when we first heard the news that One Direction bandmate Liam Payne had saved Calvin Harris’ ass while partying at Miley Cyrus’s underground birthday bash in L.A. last Sunday (November 24). After the VMA twerker downed 21 shots for 21 years, Harris had tweeted:

Well there you have it: Proof that beauty saved beauty with the gorgeous face of Calvin was rescued by the youthful good looks of Liam – you just can’t make this stuff up sometimes… unless Swedish House Mafia’s “Save The World” was playing in the background during the heroic action. That would have been awesome. Also, maybe there’s a future One Direction ‘slash’ Harris collaboration in the works? Then again, maybe we shouldn’t go that far. one direction

Niall Horan, a ‘person of short stature,’ Liam Payne (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Top photo credit: Perez Hilton website