Pacquiao and Rios Will “Stand and Deliver”

One of the biggest sporting events ever to come to Asia will be taking place tomorrow (Nov. 23) in Macau, China. Asia’s heroic fighter Manny Pacquiao and 27-year-old Oxnard, Calif. fighter Brandon Rios will be fighting till the end with millions watching.

Macau located in southeast China, is said to put Las Vegas to shame, with the similar but yet extravagant comparisons. With Pacquiao having home advantage, Rios is not phased by the ample amount of pressure that’s he’s faced against to make sure that he defeats Pacquiao and leave Macau with a victory.

Both fighters are going into the fight with the idea of “stand and deliver” and both Rios and Pacquiao and their trainers are giving HBO Sports an inside look of what to expect on fight night. Rios, with a lot of heart and determination and drive of a gladiator, plans on fighting Pacquiao like any other fight he’s ever fought in.

“I’ma fight Pacman the way I fight all the time,” says Rios. “Why change something that’s not broken, it got me this far, so why not?”

Pacquiao, who plans on fighting till the end, is ready to put aside any doubts on whether or not he will return to the ring as the same Manny Pacquiao before his knockout to Juan Manuel Marquez.

“What I’m going to do this fight is throw a lot of punches and fight toe-to-toe, keep them coming and fight like there’s no tomorrow,” says Pacquiao.

Pacquiao vs. Rios happens Sat., Nov. 23 live on pay-per-view beginning at 9PM ET/6PM PT.