Pebbles’ Daughter, Ashley Reid, Threatens Chilli [Video]


Everyone is always sensitive about their mama, but in this case Ashley Reid is definitely willing to go extra lengths for her mom, Pebbles. In a very candid radio interview on her online show, Ashley Reid, daughter of L.A Reid and Pebbles expressed her extensive thoughts on the TLC movie. Angrily, Ashley discussed that her family was not pleased with the movie and she may have opened up the rumor mill, alleging an sexual encounter between her father and Chilli. Lastly, toward the end of the interview, Ashley Reid made it very clear that if she see’s Chilli she will, “beat her face to the concrete.”  Just when you thought the craziness of CrazySexyCool died down something else pops up! Check out the video after the jump!

Photo Credit: The Jasmine Brand