Porsha Stewart Talks Life After Divorce, Shares Beauty Secrets and Explains Why She’s Ready to Date Outside Her Race


Breakups can be hard—and when you’re in the public eye it can be a complete hot mess. If any woman knows a thing or two about breaking up on camera, it’s Porsha Stewart. Since her husband Kordell Stewart filed for divorce in March, it’s been a whirlwind of drama for the Real Housewives of Atlanta superstar.

He said, she said aside, Porsha sat down with us to discuss how this Fall is shaping up to be a banner season for the reality TV star. Who is Porsha 5.0? How has she changed? And what type of man is she looking for now? We dig deep and learn that Porsha is just like us: a smart young woman looking to give and receive true love.

Photo Credits: JamesQua/Calvin Evans

VIBE Vixen: I hear you’re keeping your name. What’s your thought process behind that?

Porsha Stewart: Life is a journey. I was born Porsha Williams, but I was given to a husband that didn’t work out, but at the end it still was a part of my life. I’ll give up that name when I meet my next husband, but until then it’s really not necessary.  The name [Stewart] meant something to me, there’s sentimental value with my name it’s not like ‘oh I hate him so take his name back’ it’s my name too. It’s the name that everybody knows. At the end of the day, this is business. I’m on a platform and I’m building businesses and people know me as Porsha Stewart and when you build a brand you have to work with what you got.

Do you think Kordell is a bad person?

No, just not good for me.

So what has been the hardest part of dealing with the divorce?

You find yourself at different points in your life and you realize that you have to refocus. I need to secure my future. I’m not even concentrating on the divorce, I’m trying to move past that.

Do you think that you’ll ever get married again?

Oh yes, definitely. I’m a hopeless romantic. I still have big dreams. I still have big hopes and I believe in that fairytale. I believe it can happen because I’m blessed and I’m highly favored so all I need to do at this moment in time is get myself in a position where I feel complete, and then I’ll meet someone who can compliment me. It may not be what everyone else thinks it needs to be, but I’ll find him.