Porsha Stewart Talks Life After Divorce, Shares Beauty Secrets and Explains Why She’s Ready to Date Outside Her Race

Porsha StewartWhat kind of guy are you looking for? Who are  you most interested in?

I would love someone who is God-fearing. If he is God-fearing then it means he is disciplined and he’s not living his life by his own say-so. He’s submissive to a higher power.

Someone who has a specific religion and a specific doctrine so we could fall back on because I feel like in a relationship if you don’t have any foundation, then it’s just the two of you deciding what you’re going do together. I made it in my marriage as long as I did because even when I was upset and pissed and mad or whatever I would ask ‘what is love?’ and I would always go back and read that love was kind and endured. If I did not have that I would just be mad and I wouldn’t know how to show love. So for me it wasn’t always about a man telling me he loved—you have to show me. I want him to be successful, I want a man with a plan because I’m a woman with a plan and I want us to do it together. I want us to be a power couple.

Do you think Kordell is God-fearing?

He’s spiritual. But, you don’t know when somebody prays—you don’t know their relationship with God. They could be praying on the toilet, so I really can’t speak on his spirituality. I just know that I had moved too far from God towards the end of my marriage and I felt like once it ended I needed to get back to that place and once I got back to that place it came right back. I got my joy back and that’s one thing that nobody can take from me.

What about the looks department?

At this point, race isn’t a factor for me. I am open for love in whatever way that it comes. My heart is not closed. This far in the process I’ve gotten away with not becoming bitter. It’s an everyday fight because you go through being depressed, and then you’re confused and upset. I know what I deserve and I want to be open to it. So I wake up every single day and I’m like ‘you are loved and you accept and you give love’ and those are things that I tell myself just to keep my spirit open.

Did you think you would ever be in situation years ago?

No, of course not. When you get married you have to know what you want. You have to think of the worst case scenario. For me, even in the worst-case scenario divorce wasn’t an option so, no I did not foresee this. But now that I’m here I never knew I was this strong. You never know how strong you are until you’re put in a particular situation. Everybody has imparted their wisdom to me and helped encourage me through this situation. Even the fans and the supporters of the show and of me have reached out with their prayers and everything so I’m very blessed in this situation.

And you want kids one day, right?

Oh yea, definitely, real fast. I definitely want to have a child.

Will you stay in the Atlanta area?

Atlanta is home so I’ll always have a home in Atlanta, but I wouldn’t mind having a condo somewhere else just so I can be able to get out. Sometimes when you’re in Atlanta for too long and you start moving and shaking and doing things in Atlanta people can get really jealous. Sometimes you have to mix it up and get out and come back, but I try to keep myself around people who are positive. I want to learn something from them, and hopefully they get something from me.