Porter Robinson Says He Can’t Continue The DJ’ing Thing

Days after inking a deal with Astralwerks to release his debut album, Porter Robinson reveals in a new interview that EDM and DJ’ing will not be his lifelong calling. The LP, which is due out early 2014, will not be another string of EDM festival bangers and Robinson will quit DJ’ing eventually.

“I wanted to do something that felt beautiful and emotional and that felt nostalgic,” Robinson says. “I think it sort of employs the pretty vibe of the last couple songs I put out, like ‘Language’ and ‘Easy,’ but I wanted a vintage sound. Something that was a little more lo-fi-inspired. It has a bunch of weird tempos that dance people aren’t really doing. There’s no DJ-friendly intro and outro. It’s meant to be listening music. It’s not a party record at all.”

The globally celebrated young artist explains: “The DJ role, it’s never been a big thing for me. In the last couple years, there was definitely a moment where I got excited about DJing, but I feel like as this world of high energy Main Stage dance music has gotten bigger, it’s sacrificed musicality to be very functional on the dancefloor.”

Do you agree?

(via Billboard)

Photo Credit: Getty Images