Premiere: Peter Frampton “Do You Feel Like We Do” (Psymbionic Remix)


Psymbionic creates all-sensory experiences. His intricate compositions demonstrate grave attention to detail, through which the producer captivates our minds and heightens the senses. With an ear for situational relevance, the Austin, Texas producer enjoys turning non-traditional sound design and infectious rhythms into dancefloor heat, while maintaining his history in the downtempo, emotive side of electronic music.

In a bold move, Psymbionic dared to remix 1973’s “Do You Feel Like We Do” by legendary rocker, Peter Frampton. The modern rework yields a stunning glitch hop tribute that evokes a palpable sense of Frampton’s live presence.

“Growing up, I listened to a lot of rock from across the ages,” Psymbionic tells VIBE. “There were a few artists who I was particularly drawn to, and Frampton was one of those. I remember as a kid hearing the talkbox and being totally blown away. So when the opportunity came, I jumped at being able to do a funky little reworking of ‘Do You Feel Like We Do.’”

Listen up to the premiere below and grab the free download.

Download Here