R. Kelly Says The Inspiration For ‘Black Panties’ Came Out Of The Sky

It’s practically a scientific fact that R. Kelly can belt out a song about anything (ask Rolling Stone). But when it came time to pen his twelfth studio effort Black Panties, all the 46-year-old singing sexpot had to do was look up.

“I was on stage doing my Love Letter tour and I broke down into “Seems Like You’re Ready,” he recalled to VIBE during his recent album listening in New York. “So I start singing (the line) “Temperatures rising” and here come the panties. It was all different colors but then this one particular pair of panties—they were black and medium—landed on my mic and my wrist, and immediately I said, that’s a sign. I gotta go back and write a song called ‘Black Panties.'”

Not that the man VIBE hailed the musical genius of the past 20 years needs much to boost the nation’s birthrate. His discography basically impregnates every individual it touches.

When it comes to his daily regimen, his grocery list seems fit for a kindergartener but Kells says he has a specific entree in mind after he’s done the deed. Watch him reveal his ideal post-sex meal and the slow jam he had to beg Maxwell to take on above.—Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)

Video Edited By: Brandon Burnett