Recap: The 2nd Annual Global Spin Awards Puts Its Stamp On Hip-Hop


New York was alive with the sounds of cutting and scratching last night (Nov. 19), as Midtown celebrated the 2nd Annual Global Spin Awards. The Times Square Center was packed with hip-hop royalty, and a who’s who of the music industry was definitely present and energetic.

The genius concept cultivated by founder Shawn Prez was put together to award the titans and founding stones within hip-hop, while showcasing the cutmasters of tomorrow. As credentials flew left to right, the legendary DJ Marley Marl was being honored with the night’s Legendary DJ Award. The Juice Crew producer is one of the most impressive footnotes inside of hip-hop’s history book.

Alongside him were DJ Kid Capri, who accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award, new Roc Nation signee DJ Mustard (DJ / Producer Of The Year) and DJ Drama (Online / Satellite Radio DJ Of The Year) who all enjoyed the accolades.

With Revolt TV streaming live, the culture has certainly began to put their imprint on the new social scene. Tapping into the Internet’s love of award shows has allowed the game to give its flowers while the greats can still smell them. Whether it was Busta Rhymes’ taking us down memory lane, Big Daddy Kane cold rockin’ the show, or Sway setting the record straight, Hip-Hop fans were treated to a night full of statements and promises.

Hosted by Sway Calloway, the 2nd Annual GSAs proved just how much star power they command, as Kendrick Lamar surprised everyone with his presentation of the night’s first award. It was clear that the night’s events would be an ambitious one, but at the end it was all about making sure the world got to see these greats get their deserved props.

In the past five years, the culture has become a place where creativity ultimately reigns everywhere. Traphouse, EDM, Hip-Hop, the DJ is still the essential piece in making a project go viral. On the eve of New York City’s “5 Pointz” no longer a testament to the culture’s true message, the Global Spin Awards is a great tipping point to prove that shows like this are proof that the DJ is the architect at the top of music relevancy.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the Global Spin Award trailer below:

All images courtesy of Jamel Martin and VDot Photography