Review: Jhené Aiko Elevates On Her Moody ‘Sail Out’ EP


You will get high while listening to Jhené Aiko. Forget the fact that she hit the bong for the majority of the recording process for her pristine 2011 debut mixtape sailing soul(s). On her self-made Sail Out EP, a seven-track rack of spark notes that offers both an intro and late pass to her under-the-influence influence, there are no stripper anthems or ruckus-starting bangerz for the Miley club. The only turn-up is the ascent to metaphysical (and often substance-induced) bliss.

It’s a trippy ride once you enter the gates of her smoky wonderland. Though the vocalist of Japanese, Black and Native American descent has mixed feelings about love and life, she’s blunt, begging, “Can I hit it again?” on the Vince Staples-featured opener “The Vapors.” And this she does, repeatedly, via notes catering to every shade of blue on the feelings spectrum. The clouds disperse for the radio-ready “Bed Peace,” co-starring Childish Gambino, that nods to late legend John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono’s Bed-In for Peace protests in the ’60s. Playing into their rumored romance, Jhené and Donald spread the “fuck war, make love” mentality with hippy gestures and bubbly lyrics even her 4-year-old daughter Namiko could sing.

The PG-rated entertainment doesn’t last long as she zips into the literal bedroom piece “Stay Ready (What A Life)” featuring hip-hop’s golden child of the moment Kendrick Lamar. This marks the duo’s second collabo after “Growing Apart (To Get Closer)” which made a cameo on both the aforementioned sailing soul(s) and K Dot’s early project O(verly) D(edicated). While the Compton kid’s frisky bars boast hitting it raw, Jhené’s flair for double entendres compare sexing to living (“There’s no better time than now”) just before the second half fades out.

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