Rick Ross Wants Bobby Womack On ‘Mastermind’

This past Tuesday (Oct. 25), Rick Ross gathered a small group of journalists to preview his new Mastermind album, due out December 17.

Ross was tight-lipped about most of the album because it’s apparently far from being finalized, but he did let a crucial detail slip: he wants Bobby Womack on the album. The legendary soul artist who sung “Across 110th Street” worked with The Gorillaz for their last album, so it’s not impossible that we’ll see him on Rick Ross’ album.

“This album I most definitely tapped into the Curtis Mayfield of soul,” he told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway before revealing a potential collaboration with one of the genre’s innovators. “I actually just got off the phone with Bobby Womack less than an hour ago. He’s one of my favorites. … We just spoke on it, so we got a little connecting to do, but it’s feeling good.”