Ron Burgundy Needs $100,000 To Make His Music Video With Robin Thicke

Everything Ron Burgundy becomes kind of a big deal but for his next feat, he needs his supporters to cash out. According to PageSix, Anchorman 2 star, Will Ferrell, needs $100,000 in order to make a music video with Robin Thicke. Turns out the “Blurred Lines” singer and the mustached primetime screen-grabber have laid down a cover of Christopher Cross’ 1980 hit “Ride Like the Wind” for the movie’s soundtrack and want some visual support. The only time the two’s schedules will overlap will be during Ferrell’s expected Dec. 19 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which not only cuts it close time-wise but will cost a fortune to fly Thicke out to Los Angeles for an impromptu video. Ferrell’s promo run already boasts a Dodge ad campaign, a Funny or Die biography advert, and musical spoofs with Daft Punk but a Thicke visual would be the cherry on top. “Everyone’s on board for a proper music video, but Will’s concerned about his schedule. He fears Ron Burgundy will be overexposed,” a source said. “But Will would like Robin to join him on some of his TV appearances, such as ‘Conan’ and ‘Jimmy.’?” Unfortunately, their attempt at meeting during Ferrell’s cameo on Conan didn’t pan out accordingly so now both camps are trying to sort out who will cover costs for a live performance of “Ride” to happen. While they try to resolve the blip, prepare yourself for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues with the trailer below before it hits theaters Dec. 20.