Rumor: Could Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Next Film Be ‘Star Wars: Episode VII”

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Word on the e-streets is that celebrated actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor, was seen waiting around director J.J. Abrams’ office. Could this mean that the British talent will bring his skills to a galaxy, far, far away?

Rhys Blakely, who writes for The Times, walked into the Bad Robot office to speak about his latest book (S) and witnessed Chiwetel Ejiofor waiting in the lobby. There has been quite a few names already lobbed around (see: David Oyelowo, Michael B. Jordan), but Ejiofor’s name could be an intriguing addition to one of the most famous sci-fi franchises of all-time.

While the rest of the article is subscription based, Ejiofor’s quote should do well to raise eyebrows, as he said, “I’m here to talk with [J.J.] Abrams about a side project — a book, called S. But, really, if we’re honest, there’s only one thing any showbiz hack wants to know from J.J. right now: the skinny on Star Wars Episode VII, which he’s going to direct.

We cannot get any insight on Abrams’ comment to Blakely about the actor, but, according to Bleeding Cool, J.J. did say, dead-eyed, “I can’t discuss casting. But he’s a very talented gentleman.”

It’s not a confirmation, but it’s not a denial either. Chiwetel Ejiofor has a lot of heat coming off of 12 Years a Slave, but his interest becoming one with the Force is real. All you have to do is see the video below:

Props: SlashFilm